3 Facts about Daniella

  • I have 11 tattoos - a unicorn, some magpies, the Eiffel Tower, Enter Shikari logo and lyrics, Anna and Elsa silhouettes, the "I just turned 18" tattoo on my lower back, a pennie for my mum as that's her name, a quote from university and an odd ribbon on my wrist. 

  • I have 3 sisters - I'm number 3!

  • Mr Magpie and I have seen Enter Shikari together each year we have been together, best couple tradition ever!


Daniella is the owner of Magpie Event Planning which specialises in themed and alternative weddings. She's a lover of unicorns, Britney Spears, rock music and vodka and likely not your first image of a wedding planner with a choice of piercings and tattoos on show. 

She studied Events Management at university in Southampton and felt that weddings were the best route for her once life calmed down, having her children and planning her first themed wedding - her 2015 Hallowedding. She then decided it was a good time to start helping others.

When not planning weddings, or super awesome fairs like Pretty and Punk, you'll likely find her with a cup of tea, a gig or festival, or very often chasing around her mini magpies. 

Chocolate or cheese? Chocolate, or halloumi, no chocolate. Both! I can't choose, I'll have goats cheese starter and chocolate pudding please!

Skiing or beach holiday? Beach holiday as long as there are things to be doing as well.

Cats or dogs? Dogs, hands down.

Black or white? Black, every time #closetgoth

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